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Software Development for a Startup

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Rahul Matharu

01 Jul, 2020 · 1 min read
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As a startup how to get your software developed ?

First of all great going. You have chosen to follow your dreams and build a startup. You will greatly contribute to your countries and the worlds growth.

As the world gets digitised, the businesses and people are now much more open and willing to improve their efficiency, standout from the crowd, scale and give better services to their clients.

So now you have seen the opportunity/problem to solve and figure out a solution for it. But it requires Technology. So, how to go about this ?

  • Google it
  • Ask your friends/family/colleagues
  • Go to online freelancing portals

As budget is usually a constraint, it is best to divide your implementation into phases:

To any development their is a cycle. Best to keep it short and repeat quickly as follows:

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Rahul Matharu