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HandySolver’s Case Study on NFC tags based visiting card giveaway for the conference

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Manisha Soni

22 Oct, 2021 · 4 min read
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About the case study:

If we talk about any important conference, there are three most important things that any business wants to showcase. One is their product and services, the second is to gain new exposure, and last but not least is to collect important leads.

Collecting the data at conferences and streamlining it further can be a tough task. Many times, conference organizers have this important question in mind that,

“How they are going to collect all important information, including contact details of the important contact leads present at the conference?”

Therefore, the topmost priority is to collect data such as contact information which includes a name, number, and additional contact details.

Furthermore, even sometimes collecting the information is not the only solution that conference organizers are looking for. Managing the data and creating important data points is the second important step that they are looking for.

Our client had similar goals too but specifically for collecting the leads, they wanted to stand out and create a buzz. They wanted to collect leads in a manner that was interesting, tech-forward, and time-saving.

Guess what was done? Any guesses?

We made an NFC App. The core functionality of this app is to let the user fill all the important information in one place and through which that information can be redirected to a CRM. The data that includes contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers can be arranged systematically and managed according to the client’s needs.

What are NFC tags:

NFC (Near Field Communication), is the near distance communication between two or more devices. NFC tags, also known as smart tags are portable chips inserted into the devices.

One of the benefits of the NFC tags is that they are the storage of information of a particular kind. Once the tag is provided for one specific task such as creating business cards or visiting cards, it will perform that task only.

How NFC tags based visiting card giveaway can work for a conference:

Team HandySolver created an important solution as an app based on NFC tags that can be circulated at the conference. It can also be used to market the brand as the app will have all the details of the company such as the name and the logo. It can also be an important tech-forward to create an impact around the conference.

The app further allows the assemblage of the data directly to a CRM. The app allows all the contact information to be aligned in a CRM so that whenever contact information is required, it can be taken from the CRM portal quickly.

Not only just that but the app also creates separate visiting cards for the clients, in case they need to provide their visiting cards digitally at the conference.

Below are the screenshots of the contacts assembled in the CRM:

Client’s challenges:

In any conference, it used to become extremely difficult to gather data of the people who are joining the conference. Especially, manually collecting data from each and every client in a conference is a time taking process. Following are the challenges which are faced while collecting the data in the conference.

  1. Data sent directly to the CRM can be managed there individually.
  2. A conference giveaway that allows the members to fill in their information on the app in a timely manner.
  3. Easy to hand in during the conference.
  4. Would allow prospect’s information easily with their permission.
  5. An innovative tech-forward, that can create a buzz around the conference.
  6. Able to do the branding with the logo.

Client’s benefit:

The results were effective lead management and seamless registrations in the conference. All effectively transferred to the CRM database of the client. While it was fun to use, the manual registrations went out of the window and our client had the whole list of leads ready to use, the best part was they had their consent too. Now isn’t that a job well done?

The app was circulated during the conference and successfully able to register all the important contact information in it.

And this is what Shawn and his team had to say for us,

“Team, regarding the NFC CRM app... We did it for several reasons.

1. We wanted a conference giveaway that was reasonably priced and easy to hand carry-in/out of the conference

2. Would allow us to capture our prospect's contact information easily and with their permission.

3. Would be able to brand with our logo

4. Would create a buzz around the conference and be seen as innovative and tech-forward.

Client's Review


The NFC app definitely fits all the criteria of an innovative tech design, an app that has the potential to become a need for future conferences where manual data collection is a time-taking process. In fact, the time and efforts that were used to put in figuring out important leads now can be saved effectively.

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Manisha Soni